It’s Here! Our New GMK Has Arrived:

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GMK Crane


Keep an eye out for this Bad Boy around NH and MA in the coming weeks.  We brought the family over to check out the new Grove Crane this past weekend and our 3 year old twins, think it’s pretty cool.  We will be able to access even more hard to reach trees for New Hampshire and Massachusetts, more efficiently and more affordable.  We are pretty excited to add this crane to our fleet and looking forward to getting this work horse on the road and onto some job sites.


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This stump was so large it required a tractor trailer to transport

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Accurate Tree is going places.  Check back here on our blog for the latest updates of what we are up to and what is going on in the Tree Care Industry! As you can see we already have some stories about memorable tree jobs and tree news that we think is pertinent to New Hampshire and Massachusetts residents and it can be found on our News/Events page:  

We encourage you to read our stories, view our photos and share as you wish!  We have a Facebook Page that you can use to interact with us also, and you can find us by searching Accurate Tree or at  If you have some photos or stories that you think we should cover, please send us a message and we will bring it up for consideration.  This is a great place for our loyal customers and clients to reach out to us, tell us what they would like to see more of, and interact with our Team.  We love photos, so please feel free to send us your images and comments and we will consider adding them to our blog section!

In addition to what we already have up on our blog, we will also be posting our most recent TV Commercials in here, along with any News in the Industry that we think you should know.  While we try to stay on top of the current news and events in the Tree Care Industry, we welcome you to email us if you think there is something that we should include.  After all, we are spending most of our time hanging out in the top of trees, high in the sky, so we may miss a thing or two on the way of current events in the tree care industry.

Thanks for checking out our blog and we hope you like what you see.  Please check back for updates!



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