Tree and Shrub Pruning

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Why Tree and Shrub Pruning?

Tree and Shrub Pruning and Trimming is important to encourage a healthy tree and strong growth.  According to the Arbor Day Association, “Tree Pruning, trimming, or cutting is an ongoing process throughout the life of your tree.  After selecting the right tree and carefully planting it, early pruning is the most important thing you can do for a young tree” (Arbor Day Association).

If you have a younger tree, it is important to prune for growth.  The tree needs management of its limbs to allow the roots to anchor and nourish the growing branches.  If there are excessive limbs, or dead or dying limbs, this will take away from the nourishment that needs to be provided to the healthy limbs, therefore negatively affecting the tree’s growth.  These excessive, dead or dying limbs should be removed, to allow the healthier limbs to flourish.  This is also a good time to remove any limbs that may be growing in an undesirable direction or rubbing together.

As the tree ages, the importance of tree trimming and pruning still remains, but the tree’s needs become quite different.

As your tree approaches adolescence, you should already have established where the crown of the tree is going to begin.  The lower limbs on the tree are now permanent limbs at this point, and they crown cannot be lifted.  Now is a good time to see if there are any higher limbs that need attention, or that will need to be removed to help with the symmetry of the tree.

Once your tree is mature, the focus will be on keeping only healthy limbs on the tree.  If you have maintained yearly trimming and pruning, then this should be an easy task.  If there has been any negligence in yearly maintenance, it will be very important to have a Certified Arborist come out and assess your tree and suggest different pruning options based on the species, age and current condition of the tree.

Our Team of professionals includes Certified Arborists that can recommend and execute the best care for your trees and bushes, specific to their species.  They will use the best practices for your type of tree and will recommend the best time of year to trim or prune.

Did you know that certain trees should only be trimmed in certain months of the year?  Did you know that you can do harm if a branch is left too long or trimmed too short?  Did you know that trimming done incorrectly, can lead to disease and insects?

Let our Team of specialists come out and assess your landscape and recommend the best plan for your tree trimming needs.

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