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Are you need of decorative tree lighting?  Are you a town or business looking to get into the holiday spirit?  Are you a city that is looking to spruce up their downtown streets?  Well, our Tree Lighting Specialists at Accurate Tree Service are here to help.

Decorative tree lighting can spruce up any home, business, city street or town.  And here at Accurate Tree Service, we have done it all!  It does not have to be just for the holidays.  Tree lighting can be used to brighten up city streets, to create a warm atmosphere for people to shop, or even to highlight the town’s center.

We proudly offer Tree Lighting, for all of your tree lighting needs.  You can see glimpses of our work year round on the downtown streets of Manchester NH and Nashua NH, and at some other private homes and businesses around New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  With our fleet of bucket trucks and variety of lifts, combined with our team of skilled decorators, we can string up even the largest tree with beautiful lights!

Here at Accurate Tree Service, we do not just drape the tree with lights.  If it is a deciduous tree, our decorators will skillfully wrap each individual limb with tight loops of lights in order to show the beautiful detail of each tree.  We can do as many of the limbs of the tree as you wish in order to deliver that desired look.  We will then wrap lights down the trunk of the tree, covering it in lights.  This gives the tree a very clean and crisp look and really adds to the “wow” factor.  This is a great option for downtown city streets that have ornamental trees or specialty trees lining the streets.

Tree Lighting NH & MA

If you have a coniferous tree, our skilled designers will carefully entwine the lights into the boughs of each row of the tree; to give it the most full and complete look possible.   This will leave your tree sparkling bright and leave quite an impact on its’ admirers for years to come.  This is most often used during the holiday season for downtown Christmas Tree’s and Town Center Christmas Trees.

Please call our office to schedule a meeting with one of our Tree Lighting Specials today.  They will help to walk you through some tree lighting options and suggest different approaches based on your specific needs and budget.



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