Tree Removal

Why Tree Removal?

Tree removal can be done for many reasons.  Some customers have a potentially hazardous tree, looming over their home or property.  They contact us to assess their situation and make the best recommendation possible based on their needs and budget.  The best approach with questionable trees is to contact your local arborist and have them come out and personally assess your situation before there is a problem.  Often times we get calls from customers once a tree has already done damage to their home, business, property or worse.  While we are more than capable of handling these types of tree removal situations, our preference is to keep our customers safe and remove the tree before it creates damage and more expense to the home owner as you can see in situations such as these.  Accurate Tree Service was shown on WMUR-TV helping to clean up storm damaged trees when strong thunderstorms hit New Hampshire in September of 2013 (source WMUR-TV)

Others chose tree removal to expand their yards.  Some wish to install swimming pools.  Often times, we have customers that are looking to allow more sunlight into their yard to improve their lawns, help diminish mold on their homes and roofs and to allow their landscaping to flourish.  Others call Accurate Tree Service to help get them the scenic views that they desire.  Whatever your motivation for researching tree removal, Accurate Tree Service and our team of trained professionals, are prepared to offer you a free estimate and assessment and recommend the best course of action for your home, business or property.

Accurate Tree Service is capable of such a wide variety of tree removal services, thanks to our highly skilled staff and state of the art equipment.  Our tree care arsenal ranges from certified arborists and skilled tree climbers, a 135’ tip height crane and the only GMK 3060 crane in New England…  And everything in between!

With our state of the art equipment and highly skilled tree care professionals, we offer the best you can get in professional tree removal.  Whether the tree is easy to access or hard to reach, we have the best tools for the job, to save you time, money and aggravation.  We make tree removal simple!  Let us know your concerns and we will recommend the proper equipment to make your tree removal experience worry free, and on budget.

Here is one of the largest trees we have ever removed!  In fact, per the University of New Hampshire, it was the largest Silver Maple in New Hampshire.  Unfortunately, this beauty became infested with Carpenter Ants and posed a serious threat to the closely surrounding homes in downtown Exeter, NH.  We were one of the few professional tree services capable of handling this size job.

What Tools do we use for Tree Removal

Our Tree Care Team is equipped with some of the most state-of-the-art tree care equipment, allowing us to diagnose and execute tree removal the safest, and most effective way possible.  We are one of the only NH Tree Services that have two cranes in our fleet, each specializing in their own areas of tree removal.  We have several bucket trucks for jobs that are easy to reach, allowing us to make the work more affordable to our customers.  We also have aerial lifts that can access hard to reach trees even over leach fields, without major damage to lawns or septic systems.  In addition to this we have several chip trucks, chippers and stump grinders which allow us to clean up your yard, once the heavy lifting is done.

What Happens to the Tree When it is Removed?

We get asked this question a lot.  Our job doesn’t stop once the tree is removed.  We help fuel NH and our local communities in many ways!

We are a large tree service and we remove a lot of hazardous and less than desirable trees.  But what do we do with all of the debris?  Well, a big focus at Accurate Tree Service is making sure that we use the wood responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way.  After all, wood is one of our great renewable resources!

We have contracts with several large biomass plants (power plants) in NH.  Each tree that is removed is assessed and categorized at our shop in Hooksett NH.  The wood is graded by quality.  If it meets the standards of local saw mills, then we truck the wood to mills in our community.  If the wood is acceptable as firewood, it is processed and put up for sale to our community.  If the wood had a disease, it is reported to the state and disposed of per their standards.  And if the the wood is of poor quality or debris, it is chipped up and trucked to NH biomass plants and burned for energy that fuels electricity for the state, through companies such as PSNH.  Even the stumps that we pull are ground up and processed for bark mulch!  Rest assured, not one part of these trees goes to waste.

Our approach at Accurate Tree Service is quite simple.  Listen to the customer’s needs, use proper tool for the job and practice environmentally responsible standards.  As your tree care consultants, we pride ourselves on meeting your budget and providing unsurpassed service!  Please fill out our “Free Estimate” form today to schedule a Tree Removal Professional to come and assess your property.


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