Chart Topping Silver Maple Tree Removed by Accurate Tree

Photo Slide Show Below, showing the play by play of the removal of this Massive Silver Maple in Exeter NH – 2014
Silver Maple

This giant was in Exeter NH and was big enough to fit our whole Crew for a Photo Opp.

As Big as a Silver Maple Gets

There are few days in our long history of hazardous tree removal that really stand out.  I’m not saying it takes a lot to impress us, but…  I guess I’m saying we’ve pretty much seen it all.  Most of the more memorable, unfortunately, involve Emergency Tree Work, normally centered around Storms, and those are always sad.  This week was different.  We were faced with a massive Silver Maple in downtown Exeter, surrounded by homes and power lines, more obstacles than on American Ninja Warrior, and it needed to come down.

We remove trees everyday.  That’s what we do!  We have anywhere from two to five crews of climbers, arborists, laborers and operators working from sunrise to help our customers improve their property and make them more safe.  Well…  That being said, Monday and Tuesday of this week sure is one for the books.  So that has to mean something!  We were hired to remove a gigantic Silver Maple in Exeter NH.  We were graciously recommended by a past client as being one of the only tree companies in the area capable of handling this size job.  Quite the complement!  Thank you!  We will never forget this one…

According to the home owners, this tree was rated as one of the largest Silver Maple trees in the state, per the University of New Hampshire’s Cooperative Extension.  This massive tree, boasts 8 leaders, and stands over 100+ feet tall.  It spans 120+ feet in canopy coverage.  The diameter of this tree is over 8′, that’s a 25′ circumference.  Now to make this even more delicate of a situation, the tree was in the downtown area of Exeter, immersed in power lines and homes.  The crew was meticulous, drawing a crowd of on lookers.  I’m not quite sure if they were there for the show or questioning what type of crazy person is willing to do this kind of work, but they weren’t disappointed.  We have been receiving lots of photos from neighbors and passers by, that watched, nervously, as our team carefully dissected this massive beauty of a tree.

Once all was said and done, we removed over 50 yards of chips that went to help fuel the Granite State at Unitil’s power plant.  Two full log truck loads of firewood, that went to area residents.  And a low bed that carried the 22,000+ lb stump.  The total tree weighed approximately 115,000 lbs, making it the one of the largest trees that our team has ever removed.  Not one part of this Silver Maple tree went unused and all went to help fuel energy locally, right in the Exeter area.


So, the question is, why did we have to remove it?  The crotch of this Silver Maple tree was infested with carpenter ants causing half of the leaders that were hanging over the house to rot and threaten the house.  The tree was approximately 100 years old.

Although it saddens us to see such an old tree meet its end, it is always refreshing to us when the call comes in for tree removal…  And not emergency tree removal!  All’s well that ends well…  Enjoy these great photos from the homeowner and our Team.

Photo credits Jim Miles and Melissa Burl

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