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Accurate Tree Service offers Crane Services for any industry.  Whether it’s tree work, lifting building materials into otherwise inaccessible windows or hoisting large objects, we have you covered.

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Crane Services New Hampshire

The use of cranes in tree removal is taking over conventional methods.  Companies that use a crane for tree removal are going to stand out from the other companies that are still using old systems.  There are many benefits to crane use in the tree industry.  Cranes allow the crew to work faster, safer and smarter.  They provide less impact on the property and are safer for the crew during removal.  Less chances and risks are taken when using a crane for tree removal.  By minimizing these risks to the crew, property and climbers, we can offer the customer a better service, that is completed faster and that is far safer.  In a recent interview with the Owner of Accurate Tree Service, Dave Burl was quoted saying “Anytime you take a tree down there is an inherent risk.  Using a crane helps to minimize that risk for both the crew and the homeowner”.

NH Crane Services

Accurate Tree Services fleet includes two state of the art cranes.  Our NBT 45 Crane is a National Crane that is mounted on a truck capable of highway speeds.  It is one of the most versatile cranes on the market.  Having a fast truck means less mobilization time to the job site, and more time taking down your trees.  Once they arrive at the jobsite, this crane offers 128 feet of main boom.  Having more main boom means less time swinging a jib on to get the needed reach.  The less time used setting up the truck and crew means more time taking trees down for the customer.  All of this amounts to one thing…  Less time used equals less of a financial investment to the customer.

Accurate Tree Service has a Grove GMK 3060 crane.  This crane is an amazing addition to our fleet.  The Owner, Dave Burl, chose this crane for its combined versatility, lifting capacity and reach.  It packs strength and reach while still be extremely compact, which allows it to access virtually any tree, no matter how tight the quarters, and still have the strength that it needs to get the job done.  It has a variety of outrigger stances, which allow them to be configured in more ways than any other crane, allowing the crane to take up less space on the jobsite.  It has crab steering of the 6x6x6 mega track suspension which makes it an all-terrain crane.  This crane offers more main boom, less set up time, a 141 foot reach and 66 ton rating, and with a swing away jib, it is capable of reaching 200’ into the air!  It is a remarkable crane and we are proud to have it in our fleet.

Crane Tree Removal & More

The combined resources of these two state-of-the-art cranes makes us one of the only private tree companies in New Hampshire to own and operate two cranes.  This allows us to provide top notch service to our customers and it also enables us to offer Emergency Tree Removal Services, and not having to make our customers wait.

Please call our office to discuss how one of our cranes can assist in your job.


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