Our Equipment

Accurate Tree Services has a fleet of trucks, lifts and buckets that enable us to conquer any size job.  Check out a list of some of our equipment below.

GMC 7500 Bucket Truck equipped with a 75 foot aerial lift capable of bucketing down or pruning difficult to reach trees.

Chevrolet 1 ton equipped with a 35 foot aerial lift designed for smaller, tighter spaced jobs, pruning and tree light installation and maintenance.

Nifty Lift SD64 equipped with a 70 foot man lift platform with the working height and speed of our full size bucket truck but capable of maneuvering through very tight spaces and uneven grounds of a back yard. This lift is equipped with 4 wheel drive and a hydrostatic transmission.  It is an amazing addition to our fleet!

NBT45 offering 45 tons of lift capacity and a maximum tip height of 135 feet.  This Crane can lift almost any hard to reach tree and set it down in a safe area to be processed.

W800 Kenworth Log Truck with a rear mounted log loader making it extremely versatile for loading and unloading logs.  This allows us to remove all excess logs from jobsites and also allows for log length firewood deliveries.

Stump grinder

All crews are equipped with state of the art chippers and chip trucks

Coming this fall is the newest addition to our fleet.  The Grove GMK 3060 Crane.  This magnificent machine offers 66 tons of lift capacity and a maximum tip height is nearly 200 feet, reaching almost any tree in your yard.


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