Accurate Tree’s Newest TV Commercial – Catch it here first!

For Your Viewing Pleasure – Our Most Recent TV Commercial

We are very excited to debut our most recent TV commercial.  A special thanks goes out to the guys who produced the spot.  It’s not easy filming something as precise as tree work, on a 90 degree day, with all of the set up and break down that it requires.  And the members of our crews that were so kind as to be our actors, and that were trying very hard to slow down their process, so that we could capture it all on film.  You all did a great job!  We are very fortunate to have such a great bunch of people on our team.  I am personally very proud that everyone managed to have nice clean shirts for the filming!!!  Anyone who works outside knows that this is an accomplishment in and of itself!

As you probably know by now, we handle every facet of tree care.  We have certified arborists on our crew for assessing and diagnosing trees.  They also do the pruning of trees and shrubs.  We have some pretty amazing climbers and operators, along with very important groundsmen that make it all come together.  Our office girls make sure that our crews are up to speed on safety and hold regular safety meetings with all of our crews to ensure that everyone is taken care of.  We do frequent testing and certifications through different associations to further our knowledge of the industry including the TCIA, Tree Care Industry Association, and National Safety Council.

So, with out further adeau, a big thank you to everyone that took part in the design, filming, implementation and launch of our most recent commercial.  Please feel free to share with friends and family and tell us what you think!

Thanks for checking in with us.

The Management Team at Accurate Tree Service, LLC



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