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What are Some Stump Grinding Options?

Do you have unwanted tree stumps in your yard?  Do you hope to have a tree removed, but worry about what the stump will look like?  Do you want to remove a bunch of trees in hopes of having a flat, green lawn, but do not know where to begin?  Want to make it look as though there was never a tree there?  Well, we have the solution…

Our Tree Removal and Stump Grinding fleet consists of a Morbark D86 Track Stump Grinder that is self-propelled, enabling access to virtually any area.  If you are considering stump grinding or removal, one of our Tree Care Professionals will come out and discuss your specific concerns and explain the process best suited for your needs.

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If the stump that you are hoping to remove is in an area close to obstacles, while we do have protective sides that we can enclose around your stump during the grinding process, there is always a risk of property damage.  These protective sides will help to contain the grindings and protect the surroundings, whether it is your home, landscape or even a fence.  With this approach, the grinder is driven over the lawn and to the stump.  Some lawn damage may occur with this process.  The operator will then use the Morbark Stump Grinder to turn any unwanted tree stump into a 6” deep hole.  It does this by passing the large, vertically positioned blade, back and forth over the top of the stump.  Once complete, what minutes before was a stump, will now be a hole.  The hole is then left as is, without clean up of the stump grindings which have a tendency to scatter around the area.  If clean up is desired, this should be discussed before hand and there is an added charge.   You will want to fill this hole with loam or fill to level off with your yard.  This Stump Grinder can grind any size stump in any location, without much limitation.

If you have an excessive amount of tree stumps that you need removed, stump grinding may not be the most efficient options.  At that point, we can use our Excavator or Tractor to come in and pull them all out.  This process would be used if you were doing a yard expansion, or lot clearing, where the condition of the lawn was not a concern.  This allows us to remove any number of stumps very quickly and affordably.  You can then have the yard leveled off and you can apply your loam and grass seed to start the yard of your dreams.

No matter what your stump grinding and removal needs are, Accurate Tree Service has the tools for the job.  Please call our offices today to schedule a free consultation with one of our Professionals.

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