Firewood – Cord Wood and Log Length

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Firewood – Cut / Split and Log Length Grapple Loads

6/14/18:  We offer various types of firewood and grapple options throughout the year, please fill out our Free Estimate form or call 603-235-2661 to inquire about pricing and availability.

 7 Cord Grapple Load
 12 Cord Grapple Load
 14 Cord Grapple Load
 Green Cut / Split Mixed Hardwood
 Semi-seasoned Cut / Split Mixed Hardwood
 Fully Seasoned Cut / Split Mixed Hardwood

Free Local Delivery within 10 miles of our Hooksett location. Greater distances will have variable delivery fees based on mileage.

This split firewood is cut an average of 16-18” in length and is mixed hardwoods (primarily Oak, Ash and Maple).

Please email today through our Free Estimate Form and please be sure to indicate your name, delivery address, best phone number as well as desired type and quantity. Kelley handles our firewood division and will generally respond to inquiries on Wednesday, Thursday or occasionally Monday. Thank you!

Log Length Grapple Load Firewood (Log Truck Load)

*****  2/22/16 – While grapple loads are very limited, please email your name, address, phone number, desired quantity, and if something becomes available, we will contact you *****

The Many Different Reasons to Buy Green Log Length, Grapple Loads of Firewood

Are you looking for bulk firewood?  We sell firewood by the grapple load.  Our log truck will deliver 7 cord, 11 cord or 14 cord loads, of log length, green wood to your location.

The demand for wood this year is at an all-time high so preparation is key!

Didn’t our parents always tell us to plan ahead?  A great way to save money and the aggravation of searching for seasoned firewood when everyone else is sold out is to stay ahead of the game.  By ordering or pre-ordering your grapple load of green firewood you are securing your fuel for the season.  We all know how hard it can be to find seasoned wood and pellets once you are in season, so why not plan ahead and get yourself a grapple load of firewood in advance.  This will allow you time to cut, split and stack the wood to your liking, in the warmer weather and allow it to season while you wait for the colder months.  Another great benefit to purchasing grapple loads of green firewood is the cost savings.  With everyone working to make every dollar stretch farther, there is no better way to save money on your firewood than to purchase it in bulk.  So, not only will you have the security of knowing that you have already have the firewood that you will need for the upcoming season delivered, you will also know that you have made your hard earned money work harder for you!

Firewood is always in very high demand and we do our very best to keep up with those requests.  If you are looking to secure a wood purchase in the upcoming months, please contact us today in order to put your name on the list and ensure your delivery.  We deliver to most locations in Southern New Hampshire and some locations in Northern Massachusetts.  To inquire about purchase and availability, please fill out our “Free Estimate” form and be sure to include your phone number and the town you would like it delivered to.  Someone will get back to you with pricing and availability.


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