Snow Management

We Remove Snow from Roofs!!!

With the use of our climbers, bucket trucks, aerial lifts, cranes and some good old-fashioned shovels, we haven’t met a roof we can’t clear yet.  Call or email via our “Free Estimate” form today, to see how Accurate Tree Services’s Snow Management Team can remove your snow before it causes damage.

Rooftop Snow Removal

Two of our Cranes working hard removing snow from a Londonderry School

Roof Shoveling

Our Four Man Crew clearing snow off of a Metal Roof in Londonderry


What is Snow Management?

It means staying ahead of winter storms and being prepared to handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way.  We all know that New England weather is very unpredictable and with some record breaking snow fall in the past few years, we are helping many of our clients plan ahead.  Traditional landscaping companies and plow companies offer some basic snow removal and sanding and salting.  Accurate Tree Service takes it to the next level.  In addition to traditional plowing and sanding services, we can offer what most plowing companies cannot…  And that is the removal of snow off roofs.  We haven’t met a roof we couldn’t remove snow from yet.  With our fleet of cranes, plow trucks and sanders, and our crew of skilled professionals, we can help to better protect your investment.  We are a one stop shop for your winter snow management needs.  We do winter contract work for many companies and clear their roofs and their lots.  We can do it all.

Rooftop Snow Removal

Rooftop Snow Removal from a Londonderry NH School

Are you a Property Management Company looking for hard to reach snow removal?  Do some of your businesses have heavy snow on the roof, posing a potential risk?  Is there a chance that you have Ice Dams forming on your rooftop? We have the Snow Management equipment for the job.  We can access hard to reach rooftops and remove the hazardous snow before it is too late.

As with anything else, it is always better to plan ahead.  Rather than hiring your traditional plow or landscape company this winter, why not hire Accurate Tree Service to handle it all?  Avoid calling your roofer for emergency services this winter, plan ahead with Accurate Tree Service’s Snow Management Team and stay ahead of the storms.

Contact one of our team members to discuss your challenges and learn how we can help! Please call today for your free consultation.


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