Yard Expansions & lot Clearing

Do you want that flat, open yard, with vibrant green grass? Do you want that new shed in your backyard? Have you dreamed of putting in a swimming pool? Well, your first step is going to be removing and/or pruning back, those unwanted trees… Accurate Tree Service can help!

Let our team of Tree Professionals come out and assess your property and see what can be done to help you attain the backyard of your dreams! We can remove those unwanted trees and help you to expand your outdoor living area. We can prune up those branches that may be blocking your views. We can even grind those unwanted stumps so that you can have that flat, beautiful backyard you have always dreamed of.

Are you a Contractor that is building a house, a few houses, or an entire development? Well, then you will need to have the lot cleared and the stumps pulled so that your construction can go along smoothly. Accurate Tree Service has the equipment to do any size Lot Clearing job. We have a crew of skidders and chippers that can drag away any trees and brush and chip them into our large Chip Truck and take them all out of your way. We have log trucks to take away the large trees after they have been felled, that is fully equipped with a new Yard Loader in order to keep your project moving right along. On time and on budget. Our Fleet of Cranes can access any hazardous or dangerous difficult to reach trees seamlessly, and our Feller Bunchers can clear even a golf course in no time!

When you hire Accurate Tree Service for your Yard Expansion and Lot Clearing needs, you can expect that we will arrive early in the day, ready to work. Our crew will bring with them all of the equipment needed to complete the job as quickly as possible. Our goal is to always meet your expectations, so please help us to be well informed about your plans and expectations for the project. Discuss your specific needs with your Tree Care Professional during your free consultation.

Don’t wait for spring! This is even something that we can start in the winter so that when you’re ready to plant that seed, your yard is ready too…
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