“Storm” Season is Here – Preemptive Strike on Tree Care

“Storm” Season is Here – Taking a Preemptive Strike Against Property Damage from Fallen Trees and Limbs

It’s here…  Our first storm of ‘hurricane season’…  Which in New Hampshire normally leads right into ‘wind storm’ season…  Which then lends itself to ‘ice storm’ season and finally, not to be forgotten, we have that small 4+ month stretch known as ‘snow storm’ season.  Remember that one?  I think last year may have brought to light exactly how challenging weather in New Hampshire can be.  Not only on our mental state, but also on the condition of the trees and limbs around our property.  This year the Farmer’s Almanac predicts “snowier-than-normal conditions for New England”.

Farmer’s Almanac Winter 2016 ******HOW MUCH SNOW?!

Farmer’s Almanac 2016

“Depending on where you live and how much cold and snow you like, we have bad news and we have good news. . . .”

– Editor Peter Geiger, Philom.

Precipitation-wise, if you like snow, then you should head out to the northern and central Great Plains (most of the North Central States), the Great Lakes, New England (sorry Boston!), and parts of the Ohio Valley where snowier-than-normal conditions are forecast.

Farmers Almanac Snow Predictions

Winter 2016 Farmer’s Almanac Snow Predictions

We had more emergency calls last year than any other year and a striking percentage of those emergencies could have been prevented with a little preparation and maintenance.  Not to mention, the Thanksgiving storm last year left thousands without power due to downed trees and lines.  We worked as many daylight hours as we could get to help people remove trees and limbs from their homes, vehicles and property.  And following that, we worked tirelessly in frigid cold temps, to remove snow off of school and municipal rooftops, along with business and residential snow removal.

This is the BEST time of year to get your tree work done!

Moral of the story, if you take a preemptive strike on your tree care, then you can worry about more important things when weather strikes.  Also, it is far easier and more affordable to schedule your tree care prior to a storm or holiday (because let’s face it, many of our more memorable storms have landed on holidays), versus paying for emergency service in the height of demand.

We encourage you to PLEASE inspect your properties for any damaged, dying or broken trees and limbs, before it causes damage to your property, or worse, an animal or loved one.  Please be aware that we are all responsible for the care of the trees on our property and any risk they pose.

Accurate Tree Service is in full gear right now with several crews doing estimates and site surveys so if you have anything questionable on your property, we encourage you to call us now to get you on our calendar.


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