Earth Day

Earth Day is a very important day around the world.  Every year, on April 22nd, over a billion people in 190 countries (, team together to clean up their communities, plant trees and take action against protecting and preserving our environment.  Earth Day helps to bring attention to the need for proper tree care and awareness of our environment around us, and spreads knowledge about better practices for Mother Nature.  It helps us to strive for a more sustainable and responsible future for all generations to follow.

Accurate Tree Service is proud to do an annual Earth Day promotion and to help our customers replace those trees that may have had to be removed, for one reason or another.  Sometimes, the only safe option for tree care is tree removal, and Accurate Tree Service believes in being responsible citizens in our community and doing our part to help celebrate Earth Day, everyday!

Every year, we do our signature Earth Day “Replace-a-Tree Program” promotion.  This promotion allows us to partner with local Garden Centers in order to provide Gift Certificates to our customers that have scheduled qualifying tree removal within the specified dates.   These Gift Certificates are offered to most residential tree removal customers* and will help our customers to purchase new trees to plant, and replace the ones that need to be removed.  We are proud to be offering our “Replace-a-Tree Program” in 2014 and we welcome you to do your part in making the Earth a better place.

Please contact our offices for more information.

Disclaimer:  This promotion is for residential customers, non-commercial, that sign a contract between now and April 22nd to have tree removal services performed by Accurate Tree Service.  The work does not need to be completed prior to April 22nd, but the contract does need to be committed to before then.  It does not apply to past tree work that has been done, and is subject to terms and conditions.  The gift certificate amount is based on the amount of tree removal being performed and the gift certificate will be mailed out once the services have been completed and payment has been received, and they will be mailed to the address provided by the customer on our “Replace-a-Tree” program contract.  Please note, this is a separate contract from your tree quote contract so please be aware of the address and name you are providing for the delivery address of the gift certificate.  Payment is due at the time of job completion and the customer is expected to print the Earth Day Form off of our website and provide this at the time of their quote in order to qualify.


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