How can you remove the tree behind my house, when I don’t have any access?
We have crane’s that are capable of lifting a tree directly over your home, so we don’t need direct access.

Will your equipment ruin my lawn?
We have several different options to protect your lawn. From special mats, to placing our equipment in other areas, we can always find a solution to keep your lawn safe.

I have irrigation, how will you remove my tree without damaging it?
We have equipment that is capable of doing the work without even touching your lawn. Our experienced climbers, rope off limbs so they won’t even have to fall to the ground, they’ll be lowered. We do this everyday and understand the value of your lawn, landscaping and irrigation.

My tree is near power lines, how are you able to remove it?
If necessary, we can have the power lines taken down in order for the job to be completed. We will come and assess your tree for free and determine the best options for your property, budget and timeline.

Can you remove trees near the water so I have a better view?
Some towns require permits to remove trees within a certain distance from a body of water. We’re happy to provide a free estimate and site survey and suggest the next steps specific to your project.

What does your insurance cover?
We are fully insured and are happy to fax a copy of our insurance binder for your review.

Once my tree is removed, won’t there still be a stump?
One of the services we offer is Stump Removal. We can grind the stump down below ground level so that it will never be visible again


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