Photos of the Crew in Action

Accurate Tree Removes Chart Topping Silver Maple

We are pretty excited about being a part of this tree job.  What an opportunity.  It was quite sad to see such a beautiful tree come down, but we are happy that it happened before there were any damages, and that it wasn’t an emergency tree removal job.  We have some photos of our work below but please check out the full play by play and amazing facts about this Beast of a Silver Maple Tree on our blog.

Photo Credit:  Jim Miles and Melissa Burl

Some other Tree and Crane Work

Now, this may come as a surprise, but it can be quite difficult to take photos while we are removing trees…  I know, I know…  we have some very cool vantage points from all the way up there…  but, I digress, and we prefer to play it safe, so our images at this point are a bit limited.  That being said, we are thrilled that so many of our customers love to send us pictures.  Thanks guys!  Please, keep ’em coming.  I almost feel like we should do a photo contest for the most creative or best photo?

We will keep adding photos as we get them in order to show you some more examples of our work.  We love to see the before and after’s of your home or property and we love to hear your feedback.  We really appreciate all of our customers and clients and thank you for taking the time to send us your photos.  We always seem to have a larger than normal audience watching us work, with their cameras in hand.  Kind of like the Paparazzi.  So, as our great customers share those amazing photos with us, this page will continue to grow!  We’ll even give you photo cred.  Yup, you’ll almost be famous.  So please send ’em in and keep checking back to watch “Our Work” section grow!

Thanks for checking in!


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